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Three Steps to Home Comfort & Low Utility Bills:


A comprehensive energy audit will tell us exactly where the problem areas are in your home.


With audit results in hand, we work with you to form an energy saving plan that achieves your goals and fits your budget.


Our highly skilled team will carry out your planned scope of work, typically in just one day!

Our primary goals are to make your home comfortable and save you money!

An uncomfortable home can make life miserable, and shelling out $1,000’s annually to utility companies only makes matters worse.  Green Home Energy has worked with hundreds of homeowners, helping to solve their home performance problems. Put our years of experience and depth of knowledge to work for you today!

Up to $3,500 in Cash Rebates Available!

Home Performance with Energy Star House Rebates

Michigan Saves Financing is Here!

Green Home Energy is a Michigan Saves authorized contractor, making our clients eligible for up to $30,000 in financing! Windows, furnaces, insulation, even Energy Star appliances can be included in your project under this fantastic program.   With rates starting at 3.5%, and approval just a 15 minute phone call away, you have officially run out of excuses not to improve your home’s efficiency!

Free Walk Through Audit!

Our walk through audit is quick and easy!  Free of charge and obligation, this initial audit includes a thorough visual inspection of your home from attic to basement by one of our BPI certified building analysts.  We can then give you an overview of your home’s performance, make suggestions for improvement, and show you how to take advantage of utility rebates and financing programs!