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Ambassador Magazine –  July/August 2012 Issue

The Oakland Press – 6/12/2012

Green Home Energy helps homeowners enjoy energy savings

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 8:47 AM EDT

In the winter of 2008, when Michigan college graduates were looking for future jobs, many were finding employment outside of the state.  Upon graduation from Western Michigan University, Mark Pytiak, chose to stay.

The West Bloomfield Township native saw opportunity in a struggling economy to not only start his career, but to help the local economy, community, and the environment as well.

Pytiak, 27, who resides in Ferndale, started Green Home Energy, a home performance contracting company based in West Bloomfield Township.

The business specializes in making homes more comfortable and energy efficient, which in turn reduces homeowners’ monthly utility bills and carbon footprint.

“I come from a building background, third-generation construction.” said Pytiak. His father, Walter Pytiak of West Bloomfield Township is a custom home builder. “I was going to do that, but there was no construction going on,” said Ptyiak.

With the slow economy and housing crisis, house sales were down. “I did some research — people were kind of stuck in their homes,” he said. Then he found out about Consumers Energy rebate program which provides rebates to homeowners for energy efficiency improvements.

“That would really make a viable business and help people out in the meantime,” he decided.

He became a trade ally of the utility. “We are paid by Consumers to come out and do a free home performance survey,” said Ptyiak.

Additionally, the homeowners are provided with a free energy efficiency starter kit. If there are a number of inefficiencies that stand out, they recommend a comprehensive energy audit.

The energy audit includes a number of tests utilizing tools such as the blower door and thermal imaging to diagnose the problem areas in a given home. Once issues such as air leakage or inadequate insulation are determined, energy efficient retrofits such as air sealing, insulation, or glass block are used to improve the overall functionality of a home to ultimately save money on utility bills. Homeowners can expect to see payback periods of five to six years or less, as well as receive up to $5,000 in cash rebates through the company’s partnership with the Consumer’s Energy Home Performance with Energy Star Program

The average Green Home Energy project utilizes contractors in several diverse areas — heating and cooling, insulation, glass block, etc. — all contractors who had been previously suffering from the slow economy and struggling housing industry. Green Home Energy has put many skilled tradesmen back to work.

From its inception, Green Home Energy has been dedicated to giving back to the community — last year just months after its founding, it sponsored a group to take part in the Greening of Detroit organization, planting trees in downtown Detroit neighborhoods. This year, Green Home Energy is partnering with Motor City Blight Busters in a two fold effort.

First, it will be donating time and materials to make the Motor City Blight Busters’ “Urban Farm House” more energy efficient, reducing utility costs and the house’s carbon footprint, as well as making the home more comfortable for the resident master gardener. Second, it is sponsoring a group of volunteers for its second annual charity event to help the Blight Busters demolish vacant homes in Detroit on June 9.

Throughout this process, Green Home Energy will stay true to their environmentally friendly mission by reusing and recycling many parts of the homes they will be tearing down (reusing hardwood floors, recycling all metal, reusing 2×4 framing to build fences for the urban farm, etc.). To become involved in this cause, contact Green Home Energy for more information at, or call 855-473-3670.


Green Home Energy, 7805 Cooley Lake Road, Ste 500, West Bloomfield Township. Call 855-GREEN (473-36)-70 or visit For more information on Consumers Energy rebate programs, visit

Detroit Unspun TV – 5/14/2012