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Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit West Bloomfield

The Comprehensive Energy Audit Includes:

At Green Home Energy, we take a different approach to the energy audit. An auditor’s job should be to diagnose problems within your home, and to provide you with good advice. Period! However, almost every company in our area has auditors that are also salesmen. We believe this blurred line between auditor and salesman can create a conflict of interest.

At Green Home Energy, we have a team of pre-screened third party BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified energy auditors that work with us, not for us, to properly diagnose the problems in your home. This takes the guesswork out of choosing an auditor, because we pre-screen the auditors we work with to make sure that they have all proper certifications, have construction and home performance backgrounds, and show a history of quality work.

No matter which auditor you work with, your audit will include the following:

  • Homeowner interview
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Complete home visual inspection
  • Blower door test (air tightness test)
  • Thermal imaging
  • CAZ (combustion appliance zone) test
  • Report detailing all of the audit findings